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A Book Signing for Robert Graham’s Seventh Journey, Book 1

Hi Everyone!

Please be advised that due to Black Friday sales this weekend, my book signing date has now moved to Sunday December 2nd 2012. The location remains the same, so I’ll be setup at Chapters / Indigo @ Mississauga’s Square One mall. The times are also the same, meaning from 11am – 3pm (at a minimum).

Thank you for all of the positive feedback regarding my second major book signing. The time of year is perfect, as there should be a nice influx of people due to holiday shopping. I also have a few little surprises planned for the signing, which should help generate some urgency and interest, but I can’t say what just yet!

I really look forward to seeing you all there. I appreciate the support… and remember, Book 2 is on the way, expect it by next summer!




Robert J.R. Graham

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Seventh Journey Book Signing – November 24/25 Square One Mall

I’m pleased to announce another Seventh Journey Book Signing Event! This time, in the lush and spacious Chapters Indigo Book store, located by Mississauga, Square One Mall. This will be the second major book signing event through Chapters Indigo, following the successful event at the Indigo by Bay & Bloor.

The event at Square One will be a much longer session, spanned over two days! I’m really excited, as I’ll get a chance to meet many fans in the west end, which have been asking when my book will be available in stores. Well, now we know! As of November 24/25th, Seventh Journey Book 1, and future books in the series will be available in Mississauga. I’d like to thank the folks at Chapters Indigo for making this all possible.

A special thanks goes out to Stacey Greaves, my Product Development Manager, who continues to arrange fantastic product showings, and events! Stacey is a good friend, and who has been an amazing help in contacting, and setting up events in major book stores across Ontario! He’s great at what he does, and I’m fortunate to have him in my corner.

Future events are planned, potentially in London, Ontario, and down town Toronto, including another visit to the Chapters at Bay & Bloor. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped make this journey a success, you continue to inspire and push me forward! Thanks again to my readers who continue to make this experience possible. Also, a big thanks goes to everyone out there searching for Seventh Journey Book 2! It’s on it’s way, and I can’t wait to bring it to you! Keep searching for updates, they are on the way!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all there, please mark it in your calendars! I’ll be there, pen in hand! See you then!


Robert J.R. Graham


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Tamara – Character Profile

Tamara is a beautiful and powerful warrior from another universe, accessible only through the “Auditum Headset.”  She is first seen in one of Jacob’s dreamworlds, and later becomes his dimensional guide.

A citizen of the “Summerlands,” Tamara lives in a realm where people have advanced powers and abilities using only their thoughts.  She demonstrates this in combat by leaping extremely vast distances, and dematerializing at will.

Tamara anticipates Jacob’s arrival, and soon reveals that her world is in danger, and so is Jacob’s.  Over time, a love develops between them, as Jacob trains and prepares himself to stop the impending onslaught.  Tamara spends much of her time helping Jacob train and reach his highest potential.  She hopes this will be enough to stop the great evil now unleashed.

A destructive entity known as Luzige has awoken and plans on destroying both of their worlds.  His motivation is causing fear, and achieves this through total enslavement and punishment.  Now, it’s a race against time as Tamara and Jacob attempt to stop Luzige before it’s too late.